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About Us


"All Is Minimal (AIM) believes that good design is everyone's right. We combine industrial production and traditional craftsmanship to produce unique, timeless and durable products. In this way, we also support local production and sustainability.


Our design approach combines elements such as clean forms, block colors and monochrome tones to simplify everyday objects. We aim to bring harmony and simplicity to your daily life with the products we design.


All Is Minimal (AIM) is a design studio that designs and produces a variety of products for home and everyday life. We are inspired by the beauty of a simpler life and aim to create versatile objects. Every product design is an expression of our creative language, carefully designed and manufactured products are a functional and meaningful part of us.
We prefer the phrase "Form Follows AIM" "Form Follows Function."Instead of assvvigning a function to the product, we prefer that the user use it in the manner that best suits them. Less is more.